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Found 4th Dec 2008
I have made a payment on these threads 8 days ago for a 360 game and am getting no replies on forums and the chaps inbox is constantly full and ive sent a private email but am getting nowhere.

Obviously i realise things take time to be delivered but i think 8 days is too long, especially with no confirmation its even been sent or anything. Whats the next step i need to take? If any mods read this can you advise??


I've waited longer than normal for some items, and then all came today in a 2nd delivery to my home - Christmas post has started early this year ;-)

It might be a little soon to start panicing... Who did you buy it from? Was it djng22?

If so, he has good feedback... might just be that he's no longer looking at the thread, and like you say, you can't PM as his box is full...

Wonder if a Mod can clear some room in his mail box?

You're bound to get asked this, mind... "why don't you ring him?"....did you get his phone number?

who did you buy from?

there have been quite a few threads recently about people not sending items - it may be the same person/people

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it was DJNG22 yes. I have bought from him before so i know im not being taken for a ride. Its just that if i cant check whether he has even noticed that ive paid him, im a bit stuck

Parcel are taking 14 days to deliver by PO, check with your local sorting office
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