a little favour to ask!...

    "We have 4900 registered users"

    Firstly, thank you to everyone who has registered with the site.

    In the 18 months it has been up, it is amazing to look back how quickly it has grown!

    This is down to the hard working Admin / Paul so thank you. Also my fellow mods, thank you! But most importantly it all you guys and girls, whether registered or not, thanks for taking the time in looking at HUKD and contributing to the real community spirit here.

    Now, I think we can do this final push to reach the record target that is 5000 registered members....

    Looking at the stats right now:

    In total there are 35 users online :: 9 Registered, 0 Hidden and 26 Guests

    There are 26 of you who are "ghost" users. Sorry for the term, but we don't want to class you as that! It may be your first time here, or a repeat user, but we would really like you to become a true part of HUKD, join us in the forums and become a registered user. We promise we won't bite and really value any contribution you may have. We promise we won't spam your email address at all.

    Hopefully sometime over the next two weeks we will be celebrating our 5000 member!

    Once again a big thank you to all of you.


    there should be a prize for the 5000th member -

    (providing existing members don't create loads of account, trying to win the prize, I suppose.

    there should be a prize for the 5000th member -

    Good post fordy Any lurkers who want to sign up, it's a lot more fun I promise!

    Yeah nice one fordy and very thoughtful too


    We're very close. One last puch and we might get there tonight!!

    Original Poster

    Just 5 left!!!


    Only 3 left ....

    what prize do i get if i create the 5000 member :P


    There are 29 guests online at the moment ...... which one of you is going to be our 5000th member!


    [size=6][color=indigo]We have 5000 registered users

    The newest registered user is danskinner[/color][/size]

    [size=6][color=indigo]Welcome to HUKD's danskinner![/color][/size]

    i thought he was 4999? when i looked a few mins ago... ? Was i seeing things???


    I thought so too, but it does say he's the newest member. Maybe the counter just didnt clock up quick enough! :?

    It could be that he is 5000 by time...a person could have registered earlier but only logged in to the forum now. So danskinner is 5000 by time. I think we'll have to go by that
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