1. Tes Deals

    A Little Guide to Money Saving Sites

    Front page updated hourly with cheap deals from around the net and the high street

    The vouchers button at the top of the front page for discount vouchers for various websites like play.com, amazon, tesco and game etc. Theres LOADS of voucher codes there!

    Also includes a buy and sell section on the forum, very useful to avoid ebay fees!

    This description doesnt do the site justice, check it out, its definitely a site to add to your favourites!

    A cashback website. Free to sign up. If ordering anything, go to quidco.com, search for tesco/play.com etc and you will get 4 or 5% cashback

    Quidco charge £5 a year, but they take payment out of the cashback youve earned, so if youve not earned anything, you dont get charged.

    Cashback takes about 2 months to come back through.

    Youll need a paypal account to receive cashback, but thats free aswell.
    Everyone who uses ebay uses paypal to pay for their goods, so its a very reliable service.

    The amount of cashback on each site changes every few months, believe it or not most of the time it changes for the better. Play.com was 2% for 2 years until it was bumped to 4%.

    Some bingo sites offer £20 cashback if you register and deposit £10, so you cant really lose!!

    Similar to quidco except you earn ipoints instead of cash. Much like clubcard points when you shop at tesco.
    iPoints can be used to buy items such as gift vouchers, cases of wine, days out, CDs and DVDs etc
    Should only be used if quidco isnt available for a specific merchant. Amazon is the most major retailer that is on iPoints but not quidco.

    Some casino sites that work with ipoints offer for example 9000 points if you deposit and spent £25. The great thing about this is 9000 points can get you £50 worth of CDs/DVDs.

    iPoints can also be earned for free in small quantities, for example they will email you, and if you click on the ad in the email then you earn 10 points. All you have to do is click it, the ad will open in a new window. Just close the ad once its loaded and youll get 10 points.

    They also do questionnaires of 5 questions each where you earn 5 free points for each one. You just select the your choice from a list, it takes no time at all. Infact you could have done three by the time Ive written this sentence!

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