A little help please?

    Hi guys.

    I want to buy something for the garden that heats the patio, but not a patio heater?

    Was looking at "firepits"....want something that I can burn things in like paper/wood etc...

    Does such a product exist?

    Thanks guys...


    yea look on argos site...i have one its great

    Hi hon... good morning!

    Fire pits most definitely exist.

    My hubby is Floridian and it is a cultural tradition there to have a large firepit on which to "cook out" and smoke sausages etc over during the evenings.

    I'm not sure if I have seen them for sale ever here... if so you'd possibly find them in large garden centres... but over there we dig a large round pit into the ground and clear the area of any vegetation and then use bricks to make a circular wall to encase the fire.

    It is a lovely thing to relax around.

    I'm a mummy so excuse me when I say be careful of any children nearby.. I'm always nagging my hubby about that! lol

    ClarityofMind x x

    Most garden centers and diy stores will stock ]firepits or ]chimineas

    We have fire baskets, you have a grill that you can place on the top if you want to cook things. but we burn all our paper stuffs to start it and then logs to keep it going . Great for sticking spuds in
    bought it in keydale nurseries but i saw them in asda last year. exactly the same as below. enjoy…3D1

    i have a chimnea, which looks lovely, gives me a chance to play with fire and heats the patio really well. available in all garden centres, but i would recommend the larger one 9can also be used as a barbecue)

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone. I have ordered a fire pit. Looks great. Should be cool :-)

    Thanks again.

    just remember everyone will stink of smoke afterwards;-)
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