A Little Help.. (Regarding Chinese Visa's)

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Found 20th Feb 2007
Hello Everyone,
I'm posting this on behalf on my brother, he is planning on traveling to China later this year around October time. He's been looking into it and it seems that he needs a tourism Visa before he goes, I've been looking around the web for information and found the form that's needed to be filled in but not alot of other information is there.

I was wondering if anyone has gone to China and if they have any tips about obtaining a Visa, does he book the flights first? or get the visa first?, the website says he has to apply in person and then it takes 3-4 days to process, do you have to collect it in person? or do they mail it to you?

Anyway I'd be really grateful to any help anyone can give about this.



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there is a chinese emabassy in manchester and london, its a very simple form and £30 i think, hand it in with docs and photo and it will be ready within a week to collect
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