a little help/advice

    submitted a thread yesterday lookin for a 1 month xbox live code…56/

    sent the guy the 3.50 about 20 mins after he pm`d me his pp addy but havent heard from him since. anyone know him or what i can do


    you dealt via pm - didnt follow the rules?

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    he only pm`d me his addy. we agreed everything in the thread


    The guy has a 174:1 positive to negative feedback ratio, so there's a good chance that he will honour his end of the deal at some point. I would give it another day or so mate although I understand that it would have been easy to just email you the code instantaneously.

    You could PM a moderator if there is no response in the next day or so. Amibees has helped me with a few issues recently through PMs, so I can recommend him/her.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    ill give it another day then and look up a mod otherwise, thanks

    I could only see this one in your profile…231

    Would agree with Daniel - good feedback. If seller is anything like me - he has totally forgotten about it
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