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    I've got my newrefurbished Ipod classic now but with the new look interface I could do with getting the album art for my music.

    Can I download this for free if I create an itunes account? I was going to give it a try but it won't let me create an account unless I put my credit card details in so want to check first now as I only really need the account to get the artwork.

    Also while I'm here is there an active code to get any freebies on signup, I noticed a box for one but can't find a workign code anywhere.



    You do need an account to get the artwork but there should be an offer to sign up free. There used to be anyway.
    If not, just enter your card details as it will only charge if you buy anything off the site.
    One you have an account and are signed in- go to:
    Advanced (on the top toolbar)
    Get Album Artwork

    A message will appear, simply click ok and wait.
    Once it's done, any albums it could not find artwork for will be displayed in a pop up window.

    P.S it is FREE to get artwork, and you can get it as many times as you want, i often do it once a week.

    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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    brill - thanks - comes to something when you need to get advice from a towel who has no idea whats going on

    thanks - I'll rep you when I've finished eating

    Ha ha thanks!
    Cheers for the rep-glad i could help!:thumbsup:

    just to add... Sometimes you may find that some album artwork can't be provided by itunes, I find amazon best place for artwork (correct sizing) just copy and paste!

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    cool - thanks tovi.

    you don't need to put your credit card details on iTunes.if you have windows media player you can just right-click on the track click on album artwork, type in the cd/song and choose the correct artwork. doesn't always have the right artwork but works every time for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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