A little joke, wife wasn't impressed.....

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Found 29th Mar 2009
Why is it that when you visit the breakers there's loads of Fords parked outside?

The drivers are picking up parts for their mates Citroen/Peugeot's (or to put it another way, all the other cars are inside lol)

Well I thought it was funny. The wife owns a Xsara and to put it nicely, you could carve it up and serve it with a cocktail. Faults in the last 6 months....

Brake failure.
Exhaust fell in half.
Air bag light constantly on.
Suspension ****ed.
And yesterday on the way to it's MOT an engine fire caused by the glow plug relay....

Probably more that i've missed but you get the idea. Of course the red escort I sold that she used to drive had no faults apart from rust worm.....

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I have had my Picasso for 6 years and haven't had much go wrong with it at all - one of the best I've had.

But don't get me started my Fiat Punto :x

my dad has a c5 that has been nothing but trouble at one point it would drive 3 miles and then conk out and you would have to wait an hour and a half to restart the ruddy thing,over £1200 later its finally sorted
heap of junk

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In laws had a C5, that had problems with tyre pressure indicators and electric windows that had a life of their own. They now have a Picasso, same problem with the windows. Electrics and the french don't mix :lol: Had to go rescue them last weekend when they managed to get 2 flat tyres and found that the jack handle and wrench was missing.

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LOL, Renault are another one who have a habit off making duff cars!

I serviced a Scenic for somebody about a month ago. Took it for a drive and it was actually quite nice, except for the gearchange. Not exactly short shift, would be more at home in a JCB :lol: Renault are rather famous for their dodgy gearboxes though.

My Dad gets motorbility cars, he has just got a new Nissan Qashqai previous to this he had a renault and literally everything in it other than the shell has had to be replaced, some things had to be replaced 2 or 3 times. The steering column almost snapped on him, was lucky it was hanging by a thread for him. The gearbox had loads of faults about 4 gearboxes later it finally worked properly for more than 6mths lol

He said if he never sees that megane again it will be to soon! lol

I had a Vauxhall Vectra B for 6 years and had over 238,000 miles on the clock and the only times it ever broke down was when I was cleaning the car and listening to the radio (without the engine running), so the battery drained :-(

Other than that all the parts that I bought for it were wear n tear and needed replacing anyhow....

But anyhoo, if its the wife's car then let her pay for the bills....she'll soon come round to the idea of it being cheaper to get the bus or train :thumbsup:

Vectra B/mkii was the best they made, similar to the good latter cavaliers.insignia's meant to be an improvement, looks slick.

there are bad cars, really bad cars and then there's french cars


there are bad cars, really bad cars and then there's french cars

I once owned a Renault 5 GT turbo. When driving round an underpass the back passengers wheels left the floor. I sold it.
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