A Long Shot But...

    has anyone ever used this site before? ( )

    just that i suffer from pretty bad psoriesis and the **** that the NHS has/is giving me either doesnt work, makes it worse or makes it worse and causes another skin problem. heard a lot of good stuff about their "Oregon Grape Root" creams and wanted to know if its any good?

    cheers in advance :santa:


    Having seen first hand what Psoriasis can do you have my sympathy.

    I can't answer your question on the skinshop site other than to say it looks a safe site. They also link through Ebay and if you do a worldwide search on Oregon Grape Root Extract you will find other Ebay suppliers.

    With regards to Oregon Grape Root Extract/Creams you may well find it advantageous to source it from the US where it is considerably cheaper.

    If you have friends, family etc either living there or holidaying there try and get them to source it.

    Of course before you do all that you will have to find out whether it has any effect anyway

    One thing the intenet is fantastic for is the sharing of knowledge and you won't need me to tell you that there are many resources online now which can offer support and good advice.

    I sincerely hope your condition improves and you find an effective treatment. Take care and kind regards

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    thanks for that didnt know it could be bought elsewhere
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