a m8 needs ur vote

    It's all a bit of fun, but if he gave u a giggle from his dodgy singing, or u just wanna help out then please add your vote. He's a good lad

    Anyway, go to:

    ...and search the name 'Robert Ross' - he's singing Blue Suede Shoes

    Also - You get 20 votes, so if you want you can use them all on him lol

    Thanks peeps :thumbsup:


    I ain't doing that again, the last time I did that the kitten was disqualified :giggle:

    Aw, be fair on him, he's not bad. I've given him my vote.

    Original Poster

    rember you get 20 votes people

    ok i voted for him pavillion or shall i call your mr ross:whistling:

    If you delete your cookies you can vote as much as you want:whistling:

    Well thats 60 votes and gone from 117 to 109!

    My work is done!

    80 more votes and he's upto 99!

    I just voted all 20! God i must be bored!

    Voted 20 times - now he's at number 87!

    He's moved from 96th to 86th in the space of my votes

    I think we could easily get him to numeber 1!

    Gave him my votes - He's currently 78th

    Voted - now 68th :thumbsup:


    Voted. 57th now.:thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    54th now and our receptionist at work wants to know - is he single :w00t:

    Original Poster

    P.s ive rep you all as well

    Votes added, 52 now

    voted, good luck to him

    He was at 52, I just gave hime 10 votes and hes still at 52 :-(

    Ill do another 10 now and see if he goes any higher

    Just got him up to 51!! woooo

    He could win this.... ;-)

    gave you oops i mean your friend another 20, 49 now

    got him to 46

    I voted hes on 45 now !

    I'll put another 100 or so votes in tonight when everybody has gone.

    20 from me - now at 44. slowly creeping up!! gl :giggle:


    20 from me
    Now at 41

    voted :thumbsup:


    Voted all 20, still only at 41 though gaps must be getting bigger between people lol

    [SIZE=2]Voted all 20 and he's moved from 40 to 39[/SIZE]

    voted 3 will vote the other 17 in a sec.

    voted x20 times

    voted x3

    Now at #37

    Voted - now #36

    Now at #34

    Original Poster

    Many thanks again people

    I would rep you all bt

    You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again … You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later.

    Well, I just used my 20 votes and got him from number 34 to number 31 :-D

    Anything to knock that 'you're beautiful' drivel off the number one spot :giggle:

    Pavilion - good luck to your mate. I think you'll need to repeat the plea in 8 days time, when the voting is about to end.
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