A Man Threatens To Commit Suicide And Jump Off A Bridge..

    But it doesn't go according to plan.. this is hilarious!!




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    is it the one where he gets pushed by a 60yr old?

    Yes, the storys a week old but only just heard about it on TV right now, they didn't show the clip though :lol:

    lol its well funny, what a nutter!

    how do you get the video to play?


    how do you get the video to play?

    try this one…ted

    Yeah, seen that.

    This should happen more often....if someone wants to top themself by jumping off a bridge into water....then let them......

    Emergency services are stretched as it is without the need to wait in anticipation for some dude with issues to decide when or if they want to come down willingly.

    this takes up a lot ot resources, time and money.....some kid could be getting hit by a drunk driver and wheres the ambulance? sitting doing nothing waiting for some clown to jump......

    let them decide what they want to do then give them a leaflet to read while they are up there...if they want to come down and go back to normality then by all means do so....if not then ask them to call the number right before they jump just so the police know wots happened to that person....then when they have time they can fish whatever is left, out of the water and deal with it then.

    China has some great approaches to solving problems. I like it that way. Lets not complicate things. :thumbsup:
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