A mouse!

Found 22nd Aug 2007
No not that type of mouse, a computer mouse! At the moment i'm using a Dell optical mouse. Its not bad but i'm sure theres better. I enjoy drawing stuff on the computer and I find the dell one isnt very smooth (jagged lines)

Any recomendations to a good mouse, that isnt rediculosuly expensive?

Thank you:santa:
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If you're into drawing the best computer device would be a trackball rather than a mouse and the best in the business (or so the reviews say plus I have used it & it is extremely good!) is the Kensington Trackball

Here's a link:


And the pic:


Cost is about £61 from ebuyer but other places may be cheaper but it is worth it for the quality.
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Thanks mate, looks like some sort of probing device! To be honest, i'm not a serious drawer so A mouse would suit me fine, jsut one thats a bit better than the one I have now. If It were my business or if i took it seriously I would consider one of these or a tablet.

But thanks anyway, have some rep.
If you prefer mice then unfortunately it'd still mean spending quite a bit on a good mouse, the best i have found (i have used the m'soft equivalent and found this Logitech model far superior) is the Logitech laser model :thumbsup:


Cost is still high £53+ for a mouse but it's worth every penny :-D


If you're in the market for a cheaper mouse then I'd say go with the M'soft optical mouse only £12


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would that cheap microsoft one be alot better than my dell optical or are they all much the same
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Thanks mate
What about a graphics tablet?

Here's an example
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