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    I am currently 9 months into a contract with o2. I have a nokia n95 which i am happy with to a certain degree but recently it does freeze up for a minute or so and then everything is fine. I know that the n95 has had problems with software etc etc.

    I phoned o2 yesterday and explained the situation asking if i could upgrade early but extend the contract so to speak, they would not have none of it. the only thing they offered was to have the phone repaired.

    Is there another way to get a new phone apart from shelling out money to cancel the contract and shelling out money for a new phone?

    Thanks in advance


    Get them to repair the phone, they will more than likely give you a brand new one, fully boxed.

    Sell that brand new phone and put the proceeds towards whatever phone u want. Then, once your min contract is up with 02 call them and get another new phone (you will have to extend your contract again), and then sell that new phone as well (so get the most expensive one you can)..... You end up with a brand new phone of your choice, and most (maybe even all) of your next years line rental all paid for.

    update the n95 firmware ........ my n95 has no problems with freezing etc

    as long as the phone works .... 02 will not give you a new one, they will get the repair fixed

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    thanks for the replies, Babbabooey that sounds like a good idea, i have tried updating the firmware but it fails. its quite annoying.

    the other problem i have is that if i send my phone away to be repaired will i be without a phone?

    They may send you a loaner phone... they do with iPhones anyway, not sure on their general policy.

    I've gotten a good few deals on keeping my existing handset and selling the new one from the extended contract over the years. Once you find a handset you're happy with there's no reason not to keep using it IMO, and put the money towards your bills.

    You will need to check with your local O2 store to see if they have a loan phone, they dont always have them. When the phone is sent away its more than likely all they will do is update the software due to it being a freeze fault.
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