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    Hi guys, im in the market for a new TV for Gaming, im looking for 32 or above, LED, 1080p, 100Hz+ and input lag as low as possible (below 30) for my PS4. Budget is 400 at a push and i just wanted to see what was out there!


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    Spend a bit more and get a dip projector.
    U will never look back I promise.
    But if that too much and 400 is max I would look at last year's Sony models as they have around 7-14ms of lag.
    My projector has around 10-16 and my 47" TV had 40 and the difference stands out a mile

    LG tvs have terrible lag imo, even in pc mode there over 35 most of time

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    cheers guys, keep em coming!…JUN

    39" Panasonic 2014 model, superb TV, minimal bezel and very thin from the back, + rated highly in reviews
    from ARGOS under £350 is a bargain. ...£420+ on ebuyer and others. I just got one and am super happy!!

    Well I have been gaming on 2 LG tv's and never noticed any lag although after a quick google I see some have had this problem. I am sure I would have come up with similar posts if I had listed other brands. I did come across this link which may help if you buy an LG. Personally I prefer LG for their more natural colours and their equipment level is better than the competition. i.e. on most models you have the ability to pause rewind and record live tv if you connect a hdd.…tv/

    Have a look at this tv. My dad has it and it's a fantastic tv.…htm
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