A nice photo album

    ive just ordered my 50 free prints from over here ]clicky so now I want a nice album for them to go in, I ended up choosing to have my photos sligtly smaller than 6 x 4 so what im after is one of the large books with the peel back pages so I can slot a few pictures in on each page

    pleeeease help, twill be a nice surprise for my boyfriend


    :-( Pity they have been printed because [url][/url] do a great photo book where the pics are printed in it. Got one just after christmas, cost about £15 and can have up to 180 pics in (choose up to 9 photos on each page, 20 pages)

    not to sure what they are like but boots were doing buy one get one free instore in the week, may not be any good but worth a look.
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