A non-bulky protective case for iPhone 3G

    I've just ordered a iphone 3g and i'm looking around for the best case possible without making the phone any bulkier.

    I've heard good things about the ZAGG invisibleshield but it doesn't look like that would help much if I accidentally drop the phone.

    Can anyone personally recommend a case that will protect against scratches/drops but not double the size of the phone?


    I tried about 5 different searches and only found old topics with very little information!


    I use the Moshi iGlaze, people dont notice its even on. Combined with an invisishield for the front - sorted!…tml

    I have a black one so you dont notice it at all. Check ebay, got mine for £10.

    I use a cygnet form clear case.

    the porter;6766674 There u go my fave

    incipio doesn't give much protection either, i have one and it cracked when i dropped it 10cm onto a table.…tml

    you want one of them, theyre released now in other places. google d3o if you dont know what it is.

    ]got his one from play for £5 (thanks to a deal on here) it's GORGE- really slick and slim, don't even realise it's on. Infact the person who I bought it for has her their iphone mistaken for a 'white' iphone which apparently are pricier? its really lovely..

    the porter;6766674 There u go my fave

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