A Non Dell Laptop for under £500

    Hey, looking for a laptop, preferably from a high street store, but definately not from Dell. Its for my mum to surf the net, so must have a wireless card.




    Tesco have a few good ones I got a laptop from tesco and its good for the money, take a lok on their website.


    Any particular reason why not Dell?

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    Me, friends and family, have all heard bad things about them, I know people here love them but its down to brand preference :).

    Thanks tinkerbell, will have a look


    If you're fussy about your brands (just like me :)) then Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu Siemens, Rock and Asus are your best options for the laptop itself. Not that you'll get much for
    So why the high street? It'll cost you a few bob more! Anyone you buy a laptop from will only offer the same guarantee as the manufacturer and will just send it back to them if there's a problem, you are actually often best to deal direct with the manufacturer when something goes tits up. So other than getting to shout at the spotty little know nothing sales assistant in person you've gained nothing.

    Online these guys are usually pretty reasonable: ]http//ww…uk/ as are ]http//ww…om/ and these guys ]http//sc…uk/ sometimes have some good offers.

    On the high street, there are the usual suspects like PC World etc. The Sony centre if you want a Sony (very pretty, wish I could afford one). John Lewis often have reasonable deals on non current models. Tbh I wouldn't even dream of buying a laptop from Tesco, supermarkets should stick to what they know, but that's me and my brand preference:thumbsup: lol.
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