A poem about one mans struggle with 3 mobile!

Whoo, hoo!

Im free
Free of three
I ignored their retention plea,
They've been the bain of my life
All that trouble and strife
Just for a lower monthly fee

Gone are the days of pressing 333
No more will I choose option 1
My 5000 mile conversations are history
Those frightful days are gone

My patience was challenged when I paid 20 quid
For a replacement handset that was defective
When I informed 3 their attitude was shocking
With my words I had to be selective

For they told me It was fine when it left the warehouse
On all of its tests stamped with a pass
They assumed it must have been me who was mistaken
Either that or I was talking from my ass

So anyway, 90 minutes on the phone
And a conversation which ended bitter
They decided to send me another handset
So to receive, I organised a house-sitter

But this handset didnt appear
I cried and became confused
It seemed they had a problem
With the courier company they'd used

I called the couriers to explain my grief
'We're innocent' they were heard to say
The handset hasnt even been collected by us
Theyre lying over in Bombay

4 days went by and I received
My next replacement phone
But this one didnt work properly either
Oh well 333 for another moan!

But this didnt happen just that once
It didnt happen twice
I could almost understand mistakes happen
If this had happened thrice

But this had happened 4 times over
Their lame excuses I wasnt buying
I must have spoke to 20 people
Each of which accused me of lying

And so I leave, with PAC in hand
And a poem written with wit
If anyone asks you what the CS on 3 is like
Believe me when I say its.............rubbish!


Don't buy a 3 phone if you live in Brixham, no reception at all!

i would have written a poem the same about VODAFONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lol, class lol, make one about damnstudents too please

Hmmm......I have to decide if I want to take up a contract with O2 or 3 or if I should stick with my contract on T-mobile (which seems the most expensive option at the moment but I'm hearing negative things about everyone at the moment.

all customer services are sucky imo!! but yeah when trying to get off three...it was a nightmare!

Never had a problem with three. Have been with them 5 years and had a dozen or so contracts.

i love the poem, describes almost perfectly my brief relationship with three almost 5 years ago
nice to know they haven't changed lol

Realfriendlyman, I'd go with o2 if I were you. fantastic reception everywhere I've been, great Customer Services (that actually speak English I understand) and they're very helpful and have great retentions deals.
Having said that though, If you threaten to leave Tmobile, they'll probably give you a great retentions deal to keep you on.

i like orange and o2


What phone did you keep asking for? Hardly 3's fault you don't know how to use a mobile phone

Brilliant, I'm ringing them tomorrow to end my contract. It runs out in May so just over a month to go. That's always assuming I can get through on their lovely phones. I think I'll have to go for a drive to get a signal first. Vodafone or O2 here I come

switched from 3 last week. they weren't to bad on normal reception, but if you had it trying to pick up a 3g signal, my phone would just cut out all the time. so i had to put it on gsm setting permanantly which worked fine. switched to o2 on friday though on a good deal and reception a lot better. Must say 3 try so hard to retain you, kept saying 'i want to leave' and the guy would come out with another deal. until i had to say, just please give me my pac code i don't want to stay with 3 full stop!

I am in dispute with Three at the moment for over charging me. Their customer service is really frustrating they agree to everything and then do something completely different. I wont be renewing my contract.

Shorter poem to remember


Rhymes with kite

I was with three a couple of years back. Have to admit they're not the best bunch to deal with.
Orange CS is ace though, always manage to have a laugh with whoever I'm talking to.

Three are just sooo irritating! i wouldn't reccomend them to anyone when i was on them, and it seems like things haven't changed. they're the worst when it comes to "faulty phones" too. never before have i seen a company so eager to present any kind of fault as YOUR fault.... they have some great deals but if you have anything go wrong, you're pretty screwed!

I could also write a poem of my experiences

Three: They're Alright Actually
By D. XX

I bought a Three mobile phone
They delivered it to my home
I was in at the time, the courier guy was fine, no problems at all really

A year passed with no problems
I decided to renew with them
So I phoned them pretending I wanted to cancel, and got a really good deal. I twas excellent

So eighteen months passed without problem
So I, as before, with them
Anwayy, I bargained really well, spoke to a guy who seemed quite sound, and I got an n95 on a stupidly good contract for only a year's term. Score!

But all was not well, it came to be
They charged a non-direct debit extra fee
So I gave them a phonecall, and after explaining the situation to the girl, she couldn't help. I spoke to her manager, explained everything, told her that they couldn't legally charge me this extra fee since it hadn't been agreed at the time that I started the new contract, and after a good half hour's arguing (no problem, it was freephone), she agreed to reverse the charges. That was easy enough.

But as time went on, more issues arose
I really can't phase this bit in prose
Basically, I couldn't access a website through my phone because 3 were blocking access to it. I phoned and explained it to a girl, she couldn't do anything, but she offered that she could speak to the relevant department when they opened, and she'd phone me back after. She did, and she phoned me back the next day. She was great.

From there until the end nothing went wrong
So when I had to cancel and move to O2, I felt kind-of like a mong
Three. They're alright, actually.

I trust it touched your heart and made your eyes shed tears from witnessing my poem's beauty.


I trust it touched your heart and made your eyes shed tears from … I trust it touched your heart and made your eyes shed tears from witnessing my poem's beauty.

twas beautiful

Original Poster


What phone did you keep asking for? Hardly 3's fault you don't know how … What phone did you keep asking for? Hardly 3's fault you don't know how to use a mobile phone

They were replacement models of a phone that I already had. I was asking for a working replacement of a K850i that I knew how to work.

Maybe the instructions would have included a step by step account of basic phone DIY - repairing a intermittent sound fault, soldiering for beginners and how to build a SE2236642 unit that would aid repairing a phone that turns itself off.

Shucks - I'm beating myself up now knowing it was all my fault!

Thanks lumoruk - you have made me realise what a large idiot I really am!

Original Poster


Three. They're alright, actually.

Im glad you had good service
and for the poem I do thank
It's a shame I didn't see any of this
I just thought it was .............. poor


:cry:twas beautiful

Thank you. I put a lot of heart in it.

what a strange thread...........only problem I've noticed with 3 is that the signal is crap in areas where my vodafone & o2 phones work fine.

“What was the fault with the replacement handset?”

“Was the delayed delivery over a long weekend (Such as a bank holiday)?
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