A Poem For Rememberance Day.

    Why are they selling poppies mommy
    Selling poppies in town today?
    The poppies my child are flowers of love
    For the men who marched away.

    But why have they chosen a poppy mommy
    Why not a beautiful rose?
    Because, my child, men fought and died,
    In the field where the poppy grows.

    But why are the poppies so red mommy
    Why are the poppies so red?
    Red is the colour of blood my child
    The blood that our soldiers shed.

    The heart of the poppy is black mommy
    Why does it have to be so black?
    Black, my child, is the symbol of grief,
    For the men who never came back.

    But mommy why are you crying so?
    Your tears are giving you pain.
    My tears are my fears for you my child
    For the world is forgetting again.


    lovely and very true.

    very nice

    very simple but says it all



    great poem thanx for sharing . perfect words

    brought tears to my eyes!! very moving - thank you - so true!!

    Thanks so much for sharing lest we forget....

    What a lovely poem and so very, very true

    how touching
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