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I want to group together my potential purchases and wait to see when they reach my optimal price to buy. I hear that it’s possible but don’t know how to go about monitoring the prices across webpages. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Happy New Year!
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Camelcamelcamel uk website may help you
It depends on what the purchases are, different price comparison sites are strong in different areas. Finding and tracking the best price for an exotic edible treat will likely work best with a different site to finding and tracking a new TV.
Search this website from time to time as well. There's always a good deal to be had posted on here.

Not a site that monitors prices as such, well at least not in the same way as camelcamelcamel, though check the following as well.


And the following website also compares prices across Amazon's European websites if you're happy purchasing abroad. Though make sure to use a card that doesn't have transaction fees e.g. Halifax Clarity.


And check the Super Saver Delivery tool which scours Amazon for small filler items to bump up your order to £20.
Zeezaw also works in a similar way to camelcamelcamel as well. Sign up, create a list with the max price you want to pay for Amazon items, and it sends emails when the price drops.
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Is it only with Amazon these sites work though?
Yes, unfortunately. Comparison sites tend to have alert options which are supposed to monitor prices across the internet, I personally find PriceSpy (not included on the MegaShopbot) the most reliable for sending alerts. Bear in mind EndlessWave's point posted above and double check prices via the MegaShopbot as well.

On PriceSpy click on the product you're after, then click the bell icon to activate an alert.

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