Found 5th Jun 2007
"A clock never showing right time might be preferable to the one showing right time twice a day."


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It's all about the angles of the hands.

The first one might be fast or slow by a certain amount of time .(but you know this).

The second one would be stopped.

Original Poster

Hehe... yes that's right stora. Because of the workings it's not quite possible for an analouge watch to be right twice a day, but if it's stopped then it will be!!


Have a go at this one:

John turns off the light in his bedroom. The light switch is twenty feet from the bed, but he still manages to get into his bed before it is dark. How does he do it?


God has blessed him????

its dinner time

ie its before sundown


its dinner timeie its before sundown

Correct. :thumbsup:

Do you have a puzzle/riddle for us knewbold ?

hold on and i will think of one

nice and simple one cause im about to cook

your driving a school bus and you have 4 stops to make
at the first stop stuart mick simon paul and dave get on
at the 2nd stop john sarah pauline and bryan gets on but dave gets off
3rd stop you have to wait for 10 min to pick up claude the french exchange student
4th stop claude gets off cause he is travel sick and is replaced by claire

how many children are on the bus and what is the drivers name


9 and my name is Simon?? :thumbsup:

9 and jen cos I'm driving
Edit damn sy beet me


] :giggle:


9 and jen cos I'm drivingEdit damn sy beet me

Ok here another one.....

2 babies are born on the same day, same year, to the same parents. They are not twins. How can this be?

They're part of a set of triplets!


No puzzle from me, but something to make you think...

With regard to the watches (see start of this thread), in theory the non-working watch is better than a slow (or fast) watch as it shows the correct time twice a day, as opposed to the other watch which never shows the correct time.

In a similar vein, which way round do the clock hands go? (Anticlockwise - we see them going clockwise because we're looking at the clock)

(These are the sort of things that you need to be able to 'see' if you want to stand any hope of being a successful computer programmer, as you need to see things from the perspective of the computer, & not from your own perspective;-) )

Oh dear, did I kill off this thread? Sorry:whistling:

OK, to get it going again, how far can a person run into the woods?

Until half way, then they would start running out ?
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