A quality/guaranteed - DVDRW drive

    I have 5 dvd drives in my household, but all of them have either packed in or never worked properly in the first place.

    I know the drives are pretty cheap now, but I would really prefer to get a high quality one with a 2year guarantee.

    Almost everywhere only sells OEM drives now, with minimal manufacturers warranty which is usually more expensive to use than buying a new drive.

    Does anyone know of particuarly high quality drives - or ones with a comprehensive guarantee?


    For pc or standalone?

    PC = pioneer every day of the week

    Standalone = panasonic I like.

    I've always done well with HP internal drives.

    check out Plextor, they are the daddy of CD Burners. However I would say you have been very unlucky, I have alwasy gone with OEM models & never had one fail.
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