a question?

    for some reason my thread has been locked.and i don't know why?no body can post a there any thing wrong?


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    i am not joking

    Was it getting out of hand perhaps X)

    because i posted the england result as a joke cleary against the rules get it sorted asb


    someone posted england score
    no spoiler alert
    upset poster had a go at spoiler
    things got messy
    thread locked and comments removed

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    what?just posting the result....what was wrong with it?

    Will someone tell me what cliffs means ??


    I lol'd.............a lot

    really....out loud?


    asb or asap?

    a scottish bloke

    now my irish joke has been deleted


    its a "JOKE THREAD"


    Will someone tell me what cliffs means ??

    American term - summary of a book

    CliffsNotes (formerly Cliffs Notes, originally Cliff's Notes and often, … CliffsNotes (formerly Cliffs Notes, originally Cliff's Notes and often, erroneously, CliffNotes) are a series of student study guides available primarily in the United States. The guides present and explain literary and other works in pamphlet form or online. Detractors of the study guides claim they let students bypass reading the assigned literature. In contrast, the company claims to promote the reading of the original work, and does not view the study guides as a substitute to the reading.

    Edited by: "choc1969" 12th Oct 2010

    Ohhh a synopsis type thingy lol

    It's not very interesting now i know,i thought it was gonna be something more interesting than it actually is awww
    Edited by: "Domthedonkey" 12th Oct 2010

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    where does it says that no one can post a result or any thing like that?
    i don't like football cuz i don't play i don't watch,but i don't see anything wrong with it..


    Wouldn't go that far like Charlie, I see LOL as lots of laughs, a mere … Wouldn't go that far like Charlie, I see LOL as lots of laughs, a mere chuckle evolved,LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    lol is laughs out loud, my ex's mum posted on my facebook once saying "really sorry to hear you are ill hope you get well soon lol" turns out she doesnt think cancer is funny but thought lol meant lots of love......................lmao

    soon we wont be able to tell jokes,health and safety regulations and all that

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    i still didn't get the thread was locked just for posting a result?.....will you all just stop giving your opinion on lol,cliffs etc etc and answer my question plz


    I'm not sure addjon, I'll have a quick look.


    Seems there might have been a bit of a 'spoiler' issue re the england game before descending into a free for all slanging match.

    As for spoilers though, not sure there was much intent, other than it fitted in with the thread topic. If I don't want to hear a footie result or I wish to avoid hearing about the end of tonights soap drama, I'd tend to avoid public forums (or the internet as a whole).

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    cheers ascottishbloke ..thanks and also the thread is unlocked now


    methinks the OP is a little sensitive.…756

    Chill man

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    methinks the OP is a little sensitive. … methinks the OP is a little sensitive. [url=][/url]Chill man

    well those are few of my 1st post,so need to know some rules by asking......
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