A question about a question!!

    :?: I have a question & don't know where to post it?! :thinking:

    It's a question about what is allowed & how I go about it but I don't want to post the question if it is not allowed!!

    Get it? Got it? Good!! :thumbsup:

    Hey, "Ditzy" by name, cos I'm ditzy by nature!! :giggle: :w00t:



    I shall answer your question with a question about your question, my question (regarding your question) is what is the question?

    Don't worry about postig the question, because, if the question is deemed unsuitable the question will be removed along wit my questions about your questions and your original question about this question.

    Original Poster

    [FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"]To answer your question with my question ...

    I have just set up a Fundraising Social Events group.

    Can I post details on here about it & appeal to the generous caring nature of members for contributions towards raffle prizes or sponsorship for events? :?:
    Or even for people to help promote/spread the word accordingly, especially if there are any local people on here - perhaps send them a notice to post at work or wherever? :?:

    Alternatively, can I request ideas/suggestions for help to websites that CAN do any of the above? :?:

    And if so, where do I post?

    Ta muchly!! :friends:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


    Ah, there have been quite a few posts like this. I don't believe admin minds too much but has said he doesn't want the site overrun with this type of thing.

    Your best bet is to ]PM admin personally. His decision is final.

    Good luck with whichever works out for you! :thumbsup:


    This site has been mentined before :

    I agree with the above, it sounds like an Admin decision. Here is a link to PM him:-

    Original Poster


    I agree with the above, it sounds like an Admin decision. Here is a link … I agree with the above, it sounds like an Admin decision. Here is a link to PM him:-]

    Many thanx to ask for your advice ~ & for the link to PM him. Have now done so

    Original Poster

    It's a no-no I am afraid! :-( :cry:


    It's a no-no I am afraid! :-( :cry:

    Thought it would be. Soz. :-(
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