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Found 23rd Apr 2007
is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with getting a good signal when using the freeview digital box !? I have an inside ariel just wondered if its worth my while getting an outside ariel fitted to improve the signal or am i wasting my time ???


Are you in a freeview area?, How olds the aerial?

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Are you in a freeview area?, How olds the aerial?

yes i am in a free view area ! the inside ariel is 2 years old


It says on the freeview website outside aerials are better.

Are there any buildings blocking the signal?

Who set-up the aerial? and do you know what type it is?

Edit : Yes, An outside aerial is better although if your in a freeview area, You should be able to get a good signal


the inside ariel is 2 years old

Thats a heck of a long time to keep your washing powder

Kee Hee !! :whistling: :whistling:

Sorry couldnae resist it !!

Hang on, Are we talking a set top aerial thingy here?, Not a loft aerial?

i have the same problem...bag of sh1te!

Me and my bf have lived in two different flats together and had a loft aerial at both but still got a rubbish signal. We have tried two different freeview boxes and could get hardly anything. Then my dad bought me a 'boost box' that boosts the signal, now we get all the channels on a pretty good signal (well except channel 5). So maybe try that?
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