A question about HD LCD TV

    Im in search of a bedroom TV for under £400.
    Compared a Sony Bravia 20 inch with a 26 inch and a 32 inch in Sainsburys.
    All of similiar price, and model numbers.. kdl20s kdl26s kdl32s etc...
    However i got the impression the larger the size the poorer the quality of picture?!
    Is this correct


    yes and no...

    If u wanna compare 26 and 42" lcd's running on SD freeview (considering same brightness, colour settings, panel quality) then yes, you should see the difference. Comes from the pixel size. Say broadcast comes in 480p resolution-lcd doesn't upscale it-the bigger the screen, the bigger the pixel of the input/output signal will be-the worse the screen

    But, if all telys are 1080p, input is HD, then I doubt you'll see the difference between 26 and 42" ones... Some say-the bigger the better :whistling:

    Best thing is to get the salesman all wanted models next to each other and make him connect all to the same quality source...

    new tellys are always soo much fun :w00t:

    good luck!

    Original Poster

    Why thank you very much for your advice.
    Unfortunately the salesman wasn't very good. he said all of them were new and just in and when i asked how long the 32" had been on offer (making it the same price as the 20"), he said since february! :thinking:
    Ive now done my research on SD on a HD tv, seems some are good and some are bad, so maybe i should wait till i have HD TV available all the time :thumbsup:

    Richer sounds website and stores will price much all high street stores-and will probably give you some discount on new lcd... best advice? go for telly of the year sth futureproof-visit what hifi website, browse through their forum, find out which ones are the best 26-32 screens...Think about whats the most usage of the telly-sky or ps3? sd or hd? hdmi or scart? then go for the most recommended on INTERNET-not in the SHOP unfortunately :thinking: Salesman have different commision from diff tellys. From what I've heard Toshiba gives the biggest %, Sony not a lot So-you feel what they'll advice you?

    all the best.
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