A question about o2 unlimited web bolt on !

    Hi all,

    As per terms and conditions of O2 unlimited web bolt on, one cannot use the unlimited web by using the mobile phone as modem to surf on the laptop.

    My question is can they really differentiate if the internet is being used by laptop with the phone as modem or by the mobile phone itself only?

    I have tried to find the solution on the web but couldn't find any conclusive answer.

    Rep will be left for any helpful comments

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    I am sorry i guess i have posted it on the wrong forum but there are lots of techie people who may be able to answer still:oops:.

    it's called tethering and you can do it on Nokia's through PC Suite and on Windows Mobile phones through Activesync and no the operators cannot tell. Just don't go crazy and start downloading movies!

    There is a usage limit, but as the previous poster said, if its just for internet browsing, msn, and some light gaming, then its definately fair play.

    There's a few tethering programs for iphone if thats what you're after

    i would check your download limit, i know when i used the web bolt on in the t&c's it wasnt actually unlimited it used to be 200mb but apparently is now 1gb.

    I use my N95 as a modem 3 or 4 times a week on O2 and have never had any issues.
    Just basic surfing, nothing major (about 1/2 an hour each time in my lunch break).
    As Mittu says, just don't abuse it and you'll be fine.
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