A question Black sink or stainless steel ?

Found 5th Oct 2010
Hello all

Has any one bought a black sink from B & Q ??? if so are they any good would you recommend ?? and can you use bleach on them
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Do you mean the Astracast sink in your other thread? I have that sink in granite (colour), and tbh I don't really like it. It was quite tricky to put in because of the weight, I think it is too deep, and it is quite tricky to clean. You can use bleach on them - or at least I do on mine, and it hasn't done it any damage so far I don't think. But they get dirty quick as they are not as smooth as stainless steel.
I wish now I had got stainless steel as they look a bit more classic.
we have a granite black which isnt truely black as it has speckles in it and its really nice and very easy to clean. If however it is a plain black dont do it, some i know had one and after just a couple of weeks it looked really shabby coz you constantly get water marks & white limescale on it.
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