A question for someone in the Sales & marketing industry

    I have recently been for an interview for a graduate position at at sales and ,arketing firm. They have asked me back fro an observation day tomorrow.

    What should i expect and how should i prepare. Tbh im not too sure wht the role is .



    Focus on the 'bigger picture' to coin a tacky phrase hat Sale & Mktg use. Or in essance what they are looking for is to see that you have the desired skills to do the role. By this they will be looking for you to demonstrate a variety of different skills and behaviour throughout the day.

    The trick is to never let your guard slip - i.e don't let somebdy lull you into a false sence of security...

    There is normally more than just you there on an assessment day - there are normally quite a few, and there is also normally more than one role.

    The kind of skills that they will be watching to see if you demonstrate effectively will be

    Ability to use initiative
    Ability to work on your own
    and so on.

    By way of example they may make you undertake a task where you have to get a message across, but are unable to use the internet or talk or etc etc, this will test not only how quickly you think on your feet, but also your teamwork, and creative skills and so on.

    Sales means having an enthsiatic and cofident personality (without being over bearing or too confident) Marketing is about how you get the message across, as I am sure you are aware,

    The thing is BE YOURSELF! As if you try to be anybody else, whether it works or not, you wont be able to (and wont WANT to) maintain that fasade for long and don't (at least try not to) take it too seriously. By that I mean, remember to work together and not just solely for yourself.


    It wont be as bad as it sounds, but they should have told you what the day will entail and what to expect though.


    Congrats on getting asked back. :-)

    First thing would be to try and research the role then (and the company/products/services/clients if you've not already done so). I was doing interviews a while back and the number of people who we interviewed that didn't even bother to look our website was unreal.

    Always be positive.

    Try to show that you can measure the success/failure rate of anything you do. Knowing what works and what doesn't is crucial.

    Good luck!

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    thanks a lot....... ekk terrifying. Thanks

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    where my problem is, is that the companies website is down atm. So my information stream is well dead.

    Any general tip anyone has?

    good luck!

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    good luck!


    How did you get on?
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