A question on fuses. Slow burn or fast burn, that is the question.

    Hey up!

    Just after a bit of sparky advice from the talented pool of knowledge that is the hukd misc.

    Just been looking for some replacement 4A fuses for an old disco amp. They come in slow-burn or fast-burn.

    Can somebody give me a simple explanation on the difference or is it the obvious - also which would be best to use.

    NB- I do know one difference would be one burns slow, the other fast before the smarty pants jump in, what I need to know are the consequences/advantages of using one over the other.

    Many grats.


    Just been looking round to buy a stash of te


    Slow burn: Tend to be used in equipment with high start current which then drops back to under the 4A at normal running current. Say 0.5 of a second to operate fuse
    Or applications where the risks of loss of service outweighs the loss due to equipment damage

    Fast burn: Tend to be used to protect equipment by "popping as soon as an overload above 4A occurs : Say 0.001 second to operate

    Hope this helps

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    ^^^^ Many thanks.
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