a quetion about treadmil in pure gym. is the speed mph or kmph and also what is the distance masured in pease?

only the treadmil in pure gym please thanks.


No one will be able to answer your question as it can differ from gym to gym in the same chain and even from treadmill to treadmill. If your trying to plan a run or workout do it in both kph and mph.

Maybe try this: set the machine to 10 ?ph (where ? = k or m, we're not sure yet).
This is either going to be 10kph which is about 6mph (a sustainable running speed) or 10mph (you will go flying!).

Modern treadmills are usually set to Kilometers [1609 meters equals 1 Mile] and the steps etc are in KM/H [Kilometers per hour]The Instructors at the gym should be able to clear this up for you.

You can set the treadmill to either mph or kph.
The distance walked will be in whatever the machine is set in, so kilometres if set in kph.
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