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    Hi everyone

    I recently wiped my brothers computer clean and started again (out of control viruses) and am having trouble setting it to a resolution higher than 640x480.

    i have done this before on the same computer and i had this problem then, but i solved it by using a driver update program that automatically detects out of date drivers on the system.

    this program found a load of updates i could apply, i did, and i was able to set it to higher resolutions. this time however, i installed all of the updated drivers the program found but i still can't raise the resolution of the screen. so i wanted to download the correct driver myself, but i don't know the name of the piece of hardware that i need to update the driver for. i have everest so i can find out the manufacturer etc without problems, but i was hoping someone could tell me what the part of the computer that determines maximum resolution is called?

    which piece of hardware in a computer determines the maximum screen resolution (setting in windows display - properties - appearance - advanced (or something like that))

    Thanks in advance


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    don't know if it matters, but it's a desktop computer, not a laptop

    it's the display adapter, i.e your graphics card.

    you will either need to run the isc that came with your graphics card, or find out what card it is and go to the maufacturers website and download the drivers.

    if you cant change your resolution it sounds like u havent got the drivers installed correctly, go to the nvidia website (if you have an nvidia graphics card) or look on the ATI website if u have one of those, and just look on the list for your relavant drivers, download , restart pc, then u should be fine to change to whatever your monitor allows it too go to

    Open the case take a look at the graphics card or onboard graphics name :thumbsup:

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    i won't be opening the case because it took about 20 min to get it all back in the desk (it's a small room), but i'll look on everest at display adapters and graphics cards and download from the manufacturers website.

    thanks for your help (repped)

    Click on "Start".

    Within the "start" menu click on "Run". Run can typically be found on the right beneath "Search".

    Once you have clicked on "Run" a small window will appear. Inside of the box in the small window type in "dxdiag". Be sure to type in dxdiag without using quotation marks. Once you have typed in "dxdiag" click on "OK".

    The DirectX Diagnostic Tools window will open now. At the top of this window there will be quite a few tabs. Click on the "Display" tab.

    Within the Display tab you will see information about your graphics card directly under "Device".
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