A quick question about online purchase that hasn't arrived...

Well in one year and eight months, I've managed to avoid creating a thread like this in misc. Much as I resent myself for doing it today, I know there are some clued up people who can probably answer this and I'll be expiring once I've got an answer.

I bought some vinyls last week from an online shop, which were dispatched on Saturday- but nothing has arrived thus far. I'm well aware they may still turn up, but if they don't then I'm a little unsure as to where I stand. I chose standard Royal Mail postage, instead of recorded, but I've just noticed that it says "TopTune cannot be liable for loss or damage that occurs using a standard postal service."

If these records don't arrive, are they free of liability? I don't know the legalities, so have they covered their backs with this simple line? I paid via Paypal so can pursue via those channels if needs be, but was just after someone's opinion please!


You paid by paypal so it's all good. It's the sellers responsibilty to get the item to you in satisfactory condition, not yours - so if it never comes, file a claim with paypal, who always side with the buyer and you will be refunded. I'm sure someone else will correct me if I'm wrong, but that is how I understand things.

Yep. what Frootcake said. Paypal will side with you every time as the seller would have to prove delivery....they can't!

I can't believe people (mainly ebay!) still sell stuff without sending it recorded/signed for as standard. I recently bought something quite expensive off ebay, and it just turned up in a box. Now I'm not a scammer, but I'm aware of how easy it would be for me to say it never arrived. Knowing the seller has my home address puts me off somewhat.... (coupled with the fact that I'm just not the scamming type.)



I refuse to sell on here without recorded delivery. Even on a low value … I refuse to sell on here without recorded delivery. Even on a low value item, I'd rather take the hit for the sake of 75p and avoid people scamming me (saying it hasn't arrived) or accusing me of not sending.

Maybe you should be more trusting and less bitter about the world?

It's only been 3 days, chill out.



It's only been 3 days, chill out.

You obviously don't know this guy, hahaha

I'm helpful in threads that aren't completely stupid, this is the kind of thread you make after two weeks, not 3 days.

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