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    I am in the process of picking components and I've realised I may be picking a PSU that's incompatible with the graphics card I've chosen (GTX 460). It requires two 6 pin power connectors ( and the PSU I've chosen says:

    # 6+2 Pin PCIe Connectors: 1

    This PSU was £27.99 and looking at ebuyer, the cheapest PSU with two connectors was £59.93. I looked at the product page and it said it was compatible with dual graphics PCs. This would mean it would come with 4 cables though it says "6+2 PIn PCI-e*2"

    I am starting to think that all graphics cards require two PCIe cables, so PSUs all have two cables and 1 X (6+2 Pin PCIe) actually means one set of two cables.

    So is this right? Can I buy this PSU without worrying that it will only come with one cable...


    some modern gfx cards use an 8 pin connector, hence the 6+2, wouldn't worry about only 1 as most gfx cards come with an molex to pci-e connector, i would worry that you are obviously buying a cheapie psu with such agfx card, think again, go for a quality 500+ instead of a budget 650watt

    £30 seems awfully cheap for a PSU.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I know the advice is always go for a good PSU, but the price difference is so high and the one I've picked (…tml ) seems to get very good reviews.
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