A Quidco Forum?

    I was wondering if a Quidco forum may be on the horizon? It would help in finding the best deals out there.
    I like the newer features on Quidco but a members forum would be great.
    Any thoughts from the higher powers?


    No reason why you can't start threads etc discussing QuidCo here, as far as I know. It may not be the official QuidCo forum but will probably do?

    Yep. Here's a good idea. We don't mind you mentioning ANY cashback website, but QuidCo usually comes out top.

    [size=6]YEP!!! We all Quidco![/size]

    yeah i agree with this

    i think its a good idea to make a sticky thead or something on here ??

    quidco is massive, and there could be some great deals arround !!

    Most of the deals will be on here though? :?

    Why not make a dedicated thread and see how it works out? If it's popular enough than we can look at making a sticky etc.

    Original Poster

    I was looking towards a more in depth forum, a section for current deals, old deals you may have missed, a non payment section etc. Having a sticky here is ok, but if it gets really big it will be difficult to find the info you need and may get confusing and out of date.
    Ideally it would be a forum on the Quidco site, I understand Admin has some swing with Quidco.

    Well let's see how a Quidco thread works out. What I can do is get official Quidco responses in the thread.

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    Ok if a Quidco thread is starting my first query is regarding Zopa. Anybody been tracked by them? I have joined and put up £1000 for lending in the hope of making a reasonable return augmented by the £80 Quidco payment. None of my money has been lent as yet and I'm wondering if this is why the tracking hasn't happened? Or should I be sending an enquiry for missed tracking? It seems somebody has been tracked according to the stats (9days).

    Admin can you move this if necessary, thanks.
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