A rather wierd request!

Found 25th Aug 2008
Im looking for a keyring, of a monkey - thats willy pops out.

My other half has wanted one for ages as he had one 'back in the day' but havnt been able to find one anywhere!

Any ideas??

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i think you squeeze it for it to pop out, more of a toy thing than a breakable collectable thing!
Eiffel Tower, Many years ago on a school trip, we all got pestered to buy one off loads of different touts around the bottom of the tower. Was funny at the time, brings back alot of memories lol.
If you know anyone who's off to spain or one of the spanish islands ask them to have a look - back from Gran Canaria today & saw some there

this is the only similar thing i can find ann summers used to sell the spunky monkey but they dont any more
Ooohh i remember them I'm sure my brother had one with boobs, you couldn't see them until you squeezed cos it had long hairy tassels for fur.

Sorry don't know where you can get one though.
Spain, Spain, SPAIN, get them in the junk shops / Tourist tit-bit shops. Or at least you used to. Small brown / black little rubber monkeys then squeeze them and Viola, hamilton dock comes popping out!

Oh the laugh I had with them, and the Monk ones. I think they also done a litle larger donkey one, lol
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