a review site for shower enclosures?

Found 21st Feb 2010
looking at buying a shower enclosure for a bathroom and price seem to range alot from £1200 to £180 and i can't see a differents with some of them...... HELP!
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do they include fitting ? what material is being used ? extras that the others dont ?
did u find one yet
My pennies worth.
I would consider most important point is extremely strong base drain unit. Mine has boxed steel tube frame reinforcing the fiberglass tray so there is very little flex when getting in and moving around (movement bing a major cause of leaking).

Glass panels rather than plastic are only things will stay clean and unscratched. However you can't force them in to fit!!

High tolerances for all fittings. Unless you have perfect room you will need some adjustment to meet the walls and floors and plumbing connections.

Door opening static/sliding or hinged. If moving this is going to get a lot of wear and tear so needs to be high quality. hinged glass doors are high price item as the components need to be strong and well engineered. If I had space I would always go for a walk in as the lack of moving parts adds to the life of the enclosure.
In my experience 99% of shower enclosure problems (leaks) comes from the fitting, not the actually quality of the unit. Fit a cheap unit really well and it beats an expensive unit fitted badly.

So many enclosures out there. You really need to start walking around and looking at them.
Unless you find that review site.
Nearly forgot.
I like this company. I have had good service with the items I have bought and they have a lot of tech information on products.
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