Found 16th Jan 2007
There was 3 guys, who needed a place to stay, so they go to a bed+breakfast.

They go to the reception lady and ask, "how much for a room?" The lady replies its £30 so the guys split the cost to stay in the room, they pay £10 each.

Later on, the manager looks at the records, and sees that the lady has charged the guys £30. The manager says "why did you charge them £30? Its only £25?"

And off the lady goes give £5 back to the 3 guys. Shes thinking, how can i split £5 between the 3? So instead, she gives each guy £1 back, and keeps the remaining £2 to herself.

So everybody's happy. Each guy got £1 back, so theyve paid £9 each, while she keeps the other £2. But hold on a sec, wheres the other pound gone?

Each guy £9+£9+£9 = £27, she keeps £2 = £29. We started off with £30??

hope you like! I was bored

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First thing... 3 guys sharing one room eh?

The problem here is that you're counting the same money twice. The total amount of cash in the "system" (£25 + £2 + £1 + £1 + £1) still adds up to £30. The 'missing pound' creeps in when you start adding up the same money more than once. :thumbsup:

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And 3 women, u wouldnt have commented on right?

Thats the boring way of looking at it, can you explain the 9 9 9 2?

Each guy pays £9 but not all of that £9 goes to the manager.

Of the £9 that each guy pays, 25/3 i.e. £8.33 goes to the manager and £0.66 goes to the woman.

3 lots of £0.66 i.e. the total "leftover £0.66" from each of the guys makes £2.

So it's not 9+9+9+2, it's 8.33 + 8.33 + 8.33 + 2 = £27 and £27 is the total amount of money PAID BY THE GUYS.

I think that solving this deserves some rep!

Or you could explain it by £9 + £9 + £9 = £27 (total amount paid by guys)

£27 - £2 (kept by the woman) = £25 (amount that manager receives)

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nice, ive never heard that version before! The other one, is the cool way to look
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