A safe.

    I'm after a safe as cheap as I can get.

    It needs a lock. That's all I'm bothered about. Fire-proof, water-proof, WMD-proof, nuclearwarfare-proof any anything else like that isn't really needed. I just wnat to stop some stuff from getting nicked.

    I found…196 >>THIS<< . It doesn't really need to be electronic either.

    EDIT: **Actually, come to think of it I might just need a cash box, lol.**

    Help is appreciated, as always!!



    Id check out your local branch of the stationary box if you have one as mine had a big range at prices around £20 which doesnt seem too bad

    Hey, I just bought a safe from Woolworths for £12 its got a double lock.


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    What if they steal the safe

    you can screw it to the floor or wall

    Saw one at Halfords yesterday ... good size (could fit around a dozen coke cans in there ... not that you want to put those in there heh) ... all for a mere £15 !! Has the proper pincode entry too.

    sorry I cant find it on the net but they have loads in-store !

    Good luck


    you can screw it to the floor or wall

    What if duckmagic gets hit by the hole in the wall gang

    argos is also another place, also b+q

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    Thanks guys.

    I'll have a look around.

    Try [url][/url] they have got quite a few.
    2% cash back from Linemypocket too.

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    We'll have to get screwfix back on QuidCo.

    I thought they were on Quidco, but when I checked I could only find them on Linemypocket. Last time I ordered from Screwfix they sent me a money off voucher for my next order.

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    The took themselves off QuidCo on the basis that they were paying out for sales they would have got anyway.

    Does that mean that they wouldn't get the sales from Linemypocket otherwise :?
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