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Found 23rd May 2011
Hi, I have had enough of my "normal" iron. Im wondering if those irons with the steam generator are actually any better.

Im talking about ironing REALLY stubborn creases out of shirts. Id like something so powerful it makes the cotton weave straight like a new shirt out of the packet.

So, any ideas or opinions from those who own a good iron? I don't want to fork out extra money on an iron only to find its the same as what I have....

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I love my Philips steam generator iron, I've had it about 2 years now and would never go back to a 'normal' iron.
Mine doesn't seem to still be for sale on Amazon, but theres a few others here
i have the phillips steam generator 8300 and its fantastic i have never bought cheap irons i have always bought the top end in normal irons but like you said i wanted something that gets the really stubborn creases out, and the phillips steam generator does just that im unsure of the price now but i purchased it last december in comet for about £230, alot of people thought i was mad paying that price for a Iron, i think its the best £230 pound i have ever spent.
Thanks for the replies. I see you both have Phillips irons, I will have a look at what they make.

Its good to hear you are getting on with the steam generator. I recently realised it was taking me up to 15-20 mins to iron a shirt that was really creased, and even then it still looked pretty rubbish! If one of these steam generator irons is that good, it should save me a fair amount of time over a year!
I too have a philips steam gen 8500 series went into philips on line and bought a reconditioned one at half the shop price came in original box immaculate condition. Hope it helps.
Nothing on the website in the refurb or outlet bit at the moment, but I haven't looked there before so I will keep an eye on it...thanks
I paid £20 for mine from BzzAgent, I win!
Wa? 20 quid? How did that happen haha
I have a Tefal steam generator which is pretty good, although I think none of them, and I've had a Phillips too, will take out creases in dried cotton shirts very easily. Can you not keep them a little damp until ironing? You need to look at the pressure that the steam is put under when you're comparing models.
it also pays to get a mesh ironing board to let the steam and condensation escape
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