A server

    What's the cheapest price for renting a server? Tips and ideas most welcome.

    (I think this is a bit beyond a simple hosting package - I need a forum)


    i have a very nice code that knocks off $113

    this is what you get:

    • 4800 MB 20 GB Storage - SALE!
    • 120 GB 1 TB Transfer - SALE!
    ($1/GB extra)
    • Unlimited Domains Hosted
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains Hosted
    • 600 3000 Mailboxes - SALE!
    • 75 Shell Users
    • One FREE .com/.net/.org/.info domain
    • CGI/FrontPage 2002 Extensions
    • PHP4, perl, python, C, C++
    • Unlimited MySQL Databases
    • IMAP, POP3, and Web-Based email access
    • Unlimited email aliases, auto-responders, announcement lists, discussion lists, media streaming, and more..

    email me [email protected] and ill pass relevent info to you, it nocks the price down to 9 dollars (but after the first year it goes to about 10 dollars amonth, you can cancell thou, as i have just cancelled on and re created another

    forgot to say, im not being selfish or anything but i dont want to post the code on here because if 2many people sign up they may take the code off !!

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    Wow!! It sounds quite cheap. I'm not sure I need that much space though. :lol:

    I don't really want the hassle of changing everything over after a year though... I'm a bit lazy.

    In fact, I'm in two minds whether to attempt this or not because I'm not sure if I can actually make the site I wish to put onto it. (I'm not clever enough to make such a fancy website).

    Still, it'll be good if people can give me some pricing ideas. I would like to see if it'd be worth a try.

    well its a steal for 9 dollars, when the year is up just wait a month then buy the domain again, this 9 dollars incls your registration of the domain

    if you after a forum, there is a "one click" option in the management section which creates it for you
    looks like this= (aint done any work on the site for ages like !)

    what kinda things are you wanting to do ?

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    Well I'm going to go and sleep now because I have a busy day tomorrow, but I'll PM you with some thoughts about what I'm after tomorrow or Monday. It depends when I get back.

    can't you just run a phpBB forum?

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    That would also be a possibility. :lol:

    I didn't think of that...

    Most basic server packages will run a phpBB forum just fine. It doesn't take much resources unless it gets really big.

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    Oh, okay.

    What would be a decent price hosting packeage then??

    Mmm. I'm sure *someone* on this forum could provide you free hosting.

    I've got a phpBB forum and a mate has kindly let me use his server for free.

    There are also a number of specific phpBB hosting options e.g.

    Google is your friend.

    im sure you need SQL included in a deal if you want to use the phpbb forum

    so look for deals with SQL data base enabled

    pm me if u want some hosting i can do it real cheap or even free depends what you need

    hi. Over the past 5 or 6 years I have used f2s ( For my hosting, they seem to be the cheapest and most reliable hosts I have come across.

    If however all you need is a forum like phpBB then PM me and I'll help you set one up on one of my servers for free.

    I've been with [url][/url] for a few years now. 99.9% uptime of my sites and superb customer service - cheap too. Well recommend if you want to host a forum etc.


    I've got a domain hosted at on a plan that costs around £1.80 a month. 1GB space, 10GB bandwidth.

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    Okay guys... I'm really busy at the moment and I'm not really sure how I'm going to go about doing the site yet so I'd need to figure that out.

    I'll contact some of you soon.

    Thank you for your help.
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