Julie Walters BBC1 tonight. One of the powerful things on TV in the past 10 yrs. Inhumane that people have to travel that far.

    We are a civilised society, we can work these things out for ourselves. It is wrong that people should be forced to suffer. With the right safeguards, we will make it happen


    wont ever happen.
    Brilliant prog though

    Should happen, but I agree it won't. Politicians too afraid of the backlash.

    if we leave animals to suffer its criminal

    but to euthanise people with terminal debiliting conditions is also criminal

    law is an ass


    not sure i agree with assisted suicide, but that was an extremely powerful film, and has certainly made me think about my views on the matter.

    Original Poster

    Brilliant performance by Julie Walters, as ever.

    Certainly contorversial and I hope her performance will start the debate.

    It will happen here eventually

    Really enjoyed the drama ....... & a law that imo should have been sorted out in this country a long long time ago!!

    fab film-i cried nearly all the way through it.

    fantastic programme,

    I agree there should be a law governing this, however how far can we take it? how do we ensure the safeguards? I havent read the full laws and legislation that covers the countries and states that allow Assisted suicide, so i cant comment on how well they have covered things.

    Assisted suicide isnt quite the same as euthanasia. It involves the patiendbeing able to self administer the lethal drug. This would leave out many terminally ill patients who were unable to do so. Also I am sure i read a report somewhere for one of the scandinavian countries, where the assisted suicide had failed to work sufficiently and the doctor had to administer euthanasia to complete the process (to cause death).

    I think the law should pass this ... but i am at a loss as to how to fully safeguard vulnerable patients. As the programme stated, most people just want to know that they have the option, and they do not go through with it. How do we protect a vulnerable terminally ill patient from being euthanised as a burden to the system? If that person has no family, i would think it faily easy for a GP to bully them into the situation. Does someone with a life shortening condition (Cystic Fibrosis for example - not the best example though) qualify?, who decides what is a resonable or unreasonable quality of life. How would we treat altzheimers patients?, do they have the right to die before their brain and memory function gets to the point that they cannot communicate effectively?, even though they may still have years to live? or do we restrict it to just those with an expected life span of less than 6m?. What happens in the case of a terminally ill child or infant? Many times they could not self administer a drug, but sometimes a swift peaceful end would be kiner than prolonged pain and suffering.

    I dont know if i would want to be the person to make those decisions.
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