A Sneezing Panda and a concerned mother....cutest/funniest video on Youtube? I think so!

    Link in 1st post.


    pmsl seen that before, always makes me giggle :lol:

    how old? taxi for

    lol ........

    See this before, but still makes me giggle :giggle:

    for god sake this was posted yesterday lol


    so cute


    oh wow its a panda mummy!


    what about this ]little fella.

    thats is so cute and funny:giggle:

    2007 called. It wants it's brand new meme back...

    Original Poster

    lol im on youtube all the time and consider myself very "current" online and have been for years but i've genuinely never seen this vid before yesterday. i must have missed it.

    I'd never seen it before and it was cute so thank you x x

    They're prolly all right about it being old tho lol, I wouldnt have a clue
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