A solution to go back to ebays previous search listing style

Click "You are currently testing eBay's new search experience. If you prefer, you can opt out of the test." (its right near the bottom of the screen once you've searched for something)

and its back to normal

Sorry if its been noticed before but ive just seen it and im delighted, makes the old way seem so much better now


Aha! No I hadn't seen that, for anyone else wondering it's right at the bottom.


Someone had posted (I can't be bothered searching for it...) & I THINK I recall that this function was only to be available for a limited period.....

Found the bit I was talking about...


"While you get used to the new system, you’ll be able to switch to and f … "While you get used to the new system, you’ll be able to switch to and from the old and new systems from within the search results pages. This ‘opt out’ will last for 4 weeks, after which the old search system will be retired."


Thanks bud.... The new ebay search was not for me.. I didn't know we was the guinea pigs... rep left..
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