A sturdy and comfortable sofa bed - which one???

    Can anyone please help me work out which type of sofa bed I should get?
    Clic-Clac type or the ones with a metal fold out spring thingy? The pull out versions doesn't look to bad . . .
    It would only be used as a bed occasionally but my Mum (getting on in years) would not be able to manage one that lies flat to the floor - poor thing would need a hoist to get her up!!!
    These things aren't cheap so I don't want ot rush into buying the wrong thing - not when there's so many good folk here who might be able to give me some advice!
    Any ideas . . . ?


    where is it for?
    i have the ikea hemnes day bed its great

    Original Poster

    Hi Edjaned
    it's for a bedroom but I need more space in there! Shame to have a single bed cluttering up the room when it's only used a few times a year.
    I can't see your Ikea bed on their website or in the catalogue

    thats the one i have,the whole bottom compartment where the drawers are pull out and there is another mattress under the top one,that matress rests on top of the drawer bit making a double bed
    the drawers are really big to for storage
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