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Dear everyone;

I was looking to buy a suit and was wondering if you can advise :thumbsup:, the suit is not intended for interviews but rather for events.

Another request, my son is getting married soon and he is to order a wedding suit for his wedding, any suggestions?



my local debenhams today had a whole row of suits on half price, at least 15 different styles and lots of sizes, not sure if it was a local offer or applied to all stores tho but might be worth a look as some were as low of £50

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wow, that's fantastic. I will check on my local debenhams on the weekend and see if they still have this offer. Thanx 4 the quick reply

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Anymore suggestions?

All depends what you're looking for.....

If you want cheap - I think Tescos do them for £30 - but they look cheap.

It might be a bit of a cliche but M & S suits are good.

Asda cheapies or next clearance. Problem with next clearance is finding matching jacket and trousers in same style and the size you want - but I think jackets are currently £14 and should go down to crazy prices in July (they did last year) of about £5 each. If this happens just grab all the jackets in your size (and the size above and below if needed for good measure) and then go through them selecting the ones you think you'll have a chance of getting matching trousers for (most likely the plain ones with no stripes etc) and bag em, then go elsewhere for trousers taking the jacket with you and looking in good light to ensure good colour match. You *may* get matching but you'll be a damed lucky sod

Also note that the red "permanent" marks next like to add can be removed with dylon no1 (or it could be 2 not 100% sure - look for the one that says marker pen) stain remover. You need to put plenty of paper towel inside the pocket behind the label to avoid the material getting wet and red dye soaking through, add a small amount of the stain remover, then with a slightly damp cloth do your best to clean it up. Repeat as desired being careful not to get the jacket too wet. Consider using a hairdryer to dry off and remove the paper towel from the pocket. Noone will know you paid only £14 for the jacket as you open it up to reach for your notebook Sometimes you need to let the jacket fully dry out before you can tell whether you have managed to remove all the red marker yet. Also occasionally next clearance forget to put the marker on so look out for these gems.

Also see if there's a M&S clearance outlet near you (they're at these factory outlet villages at places like mcarthur glen). I got a pair of suit trousers for £8.99, not bad for M&S. Shame all the matching jackets at about £10 were something silly like 36" chest

TK Maxx do designer ones cheap.
But theres a thread in the deals section about H&M doing some buy one get one free

Personally, I will now always go to Nickleby's for a suit. They tend to be located in the designer villages. My local store, Freeport, Braintee gave me exceptional service recently - tailored to suit broad shoulders & a slimmer fit. Couldnt praise the Manager enough! Not cheap, but well worth it!

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Thanx every one, your help is very much appreciated.

As my son is getting married in July, will there be any sale offers by the end of June/ beginning of July?


Thanks for the hot tip on how to remove the red mark.

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