A suitable surfing mobile phone?

    I am looking to purchase a mobile phone that is suitable for surfing the internet, Im gonna need quite a good size screen although, I dont want to lug a PDA type phone about.
    Also probably gonna need a smart phone (whatever they are) because I may want to use Sat Nav!

    Price: £100-150

    Any suggestions?

    P.S. I have the chance of a Sony W810i free with contract. Is this suitable for surfing? I guess that the i stands for internet?

    Nokia N73 seems to be the best phone as far as I can see.


    How about an SP5 (XDA IQ, V1240)? It's a windows smartphone, has wifi so you can browse for free at hotspots and can be had for under £120 if you search ebay

    i've got a Nokia N73 which works quite well for browsing, has a large screen and is easy to use. not sure what price they are as got mine on an upgrade

    To be hoesnt your best bet is a pda, some of which nowadays are the same size as a normal phone! Also check out the nokia N80 which has a large screen, and can connect through wifi to any wireless signal point (basically, free surfing)
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