A sure fire way to win with them Kit Kat points

Found 3rd Apr 2005
Family eat 20,000 Kit Kats

A family ate more than 20,000 Kit Kat bars in two months in order to win prizes worth £12,000.

The family bought the bars so that could take part in an online auction by Kit Kat makers Rowntree.

Pat and Carol McGovern, 49, spent £3,000 buying 54,000 bars on a two-for-one offer so they could use points on the wrappers to bid in the auction reports The Sun.

The couple and their sons Andrew, 22, and Scot, 16, got through 20,000 bars and gave away the rest.

Retired soldier Pat, 53, of Redcar, Teesside, said: "We had them for breakfast, dinner and tea. We're over the moon - but sick of Kit Kats."

They won holidays to Australia, Disneyland Paris and LA - plus a portable DVD player.

Kit Kat's marketing manager Mark Simester said: "We're extremely impressed."

Could you live on KitKats... :?
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Oh my. How much you want to bet they're mse members I think the right thing to do would be to buy them and then give them away to christmas hamper charity or something. Eating 20 000 kitkats is beyond gluttony...
lol at MSE members :lol:

Even the Easter bunny would have felt sick thinking of all those KitKats

Sending them to a deserving food starved country would have been a good idea!
Can you imagine it, sitting round the table, passing around the first breakfast tray of the day, full of KitKats, again... yuk

Still, if they are very lucky, Nestle might even want them for a promo & pay them in goods :twisted:
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