A vodka request

    A friend of mine brought me a bottle of Russian vodka called Russian Standart. He bought it in Duty Free in Moscow and it is excellent.
    Is anyone know whether I can get this vodka here? I tried our local "russian" shop (advertised in Polish and proprietor is Moldovan or something like that) and they have it, but.. It costs twice as much as in Duty Free, comes in different bottle, stickers are in odd colours, etc. Knowing how good counterfeit market in Russia (and russian products abroad too) is, I am a bit scared to buy drinks off them.

    So, to make long story short, I am looking for a reputable online shop that can sell me Russian Standart vodka. I came across…587 this shop - are they any good?


    Make sure you buy from a proper shop. Lots of nasty stuff out their in what looks like genuine bottles. Not worth ending up Blind / Dead....

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    That's why I posted this request here I am not really familiar with booze shops, so have to rely on HUKD advice.

    me and my partner always drink vodka from the cheapest tack to foreign stuff we force people to bring back of there hols, ive never tried that one but i do know my mother in law had a bottle of vodka from a shop similar to the one you described and she was like hungover for about 3 days she felt so so so ill and wont touch anything now unless its like smirnoff so beware!!!!

    oops most important thing!! i have brought from that shop and they are fine although a little pricey i get alot from [url][/url] (i like to try alot of dif vodkas and they always have gd range) they are speedy aswell and i think good price xxx

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    Thanks Aren't miniatures a bit too small?

    yeah they are really but just fort id post it incase u like to try dif types of vodka

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    They don't do Russian Standart unfortunately Besides, I'll need at least 5 of these to get the right impression

    Found this…933
    looks pricey though how much are you looking to pay?

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    That is pretty much what it cost in Duty Free (I think it was 18 or 20 Euros) + tax. I am OK with this price, just not sure about the retailer.
    I never dealt with this shop, is it reputable? There are so many kinds of counterfeit 'russian' vodka in shops, so I want to be absolutely sure. are extremely good as I've used them myself

    great for hard to find products like your standart vodka

    A friend who is a keen Vodka drinker swears by the Standart Imperia - not cheap at £26.95 plus postage but, he buys in bulk!

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    Thank you!
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