A Warning to those with Cashback Contracts on o2

    Like many of us, I regularly view this and other similar noticeboards and I'm surprised that I have never seen the following problem highlighted:

    If you take out say a 12 month cashback contract with o2 and cancel it at the end of the contract, the bills will be as follows:

    Beginning of month 1 - invoice for the coming month
    Beginning of month 2 - invoice for the coming month including receipt for month 1
    Beginning of month 3 - invoice for the coming month including receipt for month 2
    Beginning of month 12 - invoice for the coming month including receipt for month 11

    Then, here's the problem - If you have not exceeded your monthly allowance and have cancelled your contract, there will not be an invoice for month 13 and hence no receipt for month 12.

    The retailers want to see that you have paid the 12 months of the contract before they give you your cashback, but it is not o2 policy to send out a final bill when the balance is zero(even though they email you to say they ARE sending a final bill).

    If your retailer accepts downloaded statements from the service provider's website such as, cpw, e2save etc, then you're ok. Others, such as OSPS only accept originals.

    I've tried to get a final bill out of o2 for the last month of my contract and they've been absolutely hopeless.

    My suggestion is to ensure that you use a chargeable item during the last month of your contract, hence ensuring there will be a small invoice for month 13.

    As I mentioned before, I'm surprised others haven't fallen foul of this quirk.


    I didn't actually know about that one Tyke.

    Original Poster


    I didn't actually know about that one Tyke.

    Let's see if there are others who have been involved - I can't believe I'm the only person who doesn't exceed their monthly allowance and hence didn't get a final statement.

    That's quite a big point to let others know about. You do all the hard work of claiming back and they get you on final month if you have no charge to pay.

    Thanks for pointing that out tyke!


    This may depend on the mobile company involved and O2, as my cash back doesnot ask for a receipt, just the Statement from the supplier...which is sent at the begining of the month (showing receipt for month 11).

    If it is a problem with this company, just make sure you use 5 minutes more than you allotted call time, then they would send out a bill (or phone a 0845 number)....I am sure that would work..
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